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Which are the most used DocBook tags actually used by you in Fedora Guides?

I bet many of you have written some chunks of Fedora Guides in DocBook. Maybe even you have edited significative chapters (or whole books ;-)).

Would you like share with the crowd, your most loved tags?

Let's say, for example, nobody can feel how is like learning functional programming without knowing about really fun things like: map, folds, lambdas, list comprehensions, and so on.

Do you think we can arrange a list like that for DocBook?

In my humble opinion I bet it can't be that interesting just turning the most used HTML tags like <p>, lists and links, into more verbose equivalents. Or attribution tags to Meta properties.

Maybe you could enlighten wannabe doc-writers, showing us the most interesting tags, the first subset every new doc writer must to learn, to avoid cheating using pandoc ;-) to compose from markdown and turning it into docbook to let people engage in translation.