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how do I configure Fedora 23 for full redundancy with Raid1?


My old Fedora 6? 8? system is dying and I want to configure Fedora 23 the same way, with 2 fully redundant disks so I can use it primarily as a reliable Samba and iMAP server. In the old system, i configured swap, boot and root as RAID1 devices, ran grub to make each disk bootable and everything worked. Failed disks could easily be upgraded and the system kept working.

With Fedora 23 and a new UEFI (asrock) system with 4 TB drives, I have struggled to do the same thing. I think I need /boot/efi on both disks (which can not be done with RAID1) so I first booted in F23 live (using the workstation ISO) and used gdisk to create 2, 200 MB /boot/efi partitions, then booted with F23 server and used anaconda to create Raid1 partitions for swap, /, /boot, and /home. i tried copying /boot/efi to the second disk partition (/dev/sdb1) using both dd and by mounting it under a temporary name (/efitmp) and using cp -r. Both seem to 'sort of' work but when I reboot with one disk, i get massive errors and /home is not mounted. I have tried to explore efibootmgr to rename the boot partition but it seems like that's not my problem.

Can anyone point me to an idiots guide to how to properly configure the system to be fully redundant? I have been going through the Fedora manuals and online searches but failing.

thanks for any help.