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Fedora 23/24 randomly freezes.

I've decided to move from Windows 10 to Fedora but I'm having problems with the Linux OS freezing. I had started with Ubuntu, then Linux Mint, Fedora 23 and now, currently on Fedora 24 beta. All of them freeze but I've decided I like Fedora best and want to stick with that.

I have searched the Internet for solutions and it seems one common problem is having an NVidia graphics card. That I need to manually install the NVidia graphics driver. I have the GTX 660 Ti. I've tried several instructions but I keep getting lost following the terminal commands, where as it will be marked as a solution, not all the commands work for me and I don't understand why.

My hopes is that perhaps a couple of you can help walk me through the process of fixing this, step by step. Hopefully without having to use the terminal, if possible.

If there is another version of Fedora that just works with NVidia cards I'd be happy to give it a try.

If it helps here are my specs.
I7 Intel processor Asrock motherboard 16GB Memory Asus GTX 660 120Gb SSD 3TB HDD