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TPM error 1 on Fedora 24 beta forces grub rescue impasse

I installed Fedora-Workstation-24-20160506.n.0 (24ß) on my laptop. I have used this laptop for nearly 10 years for Fedora without problem. Today, I have encountered a major one.

When I boot the computer with the newly installed system, instead of the grub menu, a message "TPM error 1" appears and beneath it the grub rescue prompt. I have gone into the BIOS and disabled the TPM, then restored the factory setting, then enabled it, then reloaded the certificate (or whatever it is) and so on. I have tried combinations of all available TPM settings. I have been unable to get any result with grub rescue either. I suspect that TPM is blocking access to grub and preventing access to the contents of the drives. I have been unable to discover the means to disable or bypass it. I even reinstalled the OS all over again.

Still, I am unable to gain access to the grub menu or boot the computer.