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How to install g++-4.9 on Fedora 23


I am working on a project that requires cuda 7.5 and c++11. I am a big fun of Fedora and I really don't want to install ubuntu just for this purpose ;)

The problem is that gcc 5.3 uses some c++11 features not supported by nvcc, which means I will not be able to compile any cuda projects using 5.3.

I would like to therefore install gcc 4.9 somewhere on the side. What is the easiest way of doing so?

I tried manually extracting subsets of gcc-4.9.2 rpms from fc21, but it seems like a futile process, I got stuck at the point where gcc-4.9 links against wrong version of libstdc++ and if I try to swap that so file then basic programs like cmake suddenly stop working. Hopefully there's an easier way, though!