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F16: swap usage grows very fast

Hi, everyone.

I upgraded my Fedora system last November, doing a fresh installation, like always. I also was bitten by that GRUB2 bug, not setting-up correctly the bootloader and consequently fixing the problem manually. But after that, I faced another huge issue within my system and I have no idea what it is and how to solve.

To put it simple, anything seems to creep the system performance and the swap memory usage grows very quick.

I use Fedora since the "Werewolf" edition and never noticed such issue. Prior to the upgrade, the system never used more than 10~20MB of space in many hours of usage. Now, such "feat" may be achieved in mere 5 minutes, and it gets worse. It may be using between 100MB through 300MB in less than one hour. And all that for just everyday "normal users" tasks, like web browsing, watching videos, creating documents and such.

I notice many little problems when that happens too. The graphics may hang for a while, and sometimes the windows look "scrambled", and the more swap it gets, the more slow and unresponsive the system is...

I don't know where to start looking to solve this problem, as I said. I'm not an expert, just a curious user, but may take any guidance you guys may offer to solve this problem, if any.

I'm using the Verne KDE Live Edition of the system, on an old Celeron 430 with a Intel on-board chipset.

Thanks in advance, and sorry my bad grammar...