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can't connect to internet wired

I have a HP Mini 110. Did a fresh install of Fedora 23 and can't connect either wired or wifi. The solution to wifi is downloading drivers but can't do it if I can't get it to connect wired. Network manager displays "cable unplugged" even when its plugged.

lspci | grep Ether

02:00.0 Ethernet Controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR8132 Fast Ethernet (rev c0)

ifconfig enp2s0 enp2s0: Flags=4099<up,broadcast,multicast> mtu 1500 ether 00:26:55:ca:35:DD txqueuelen 1000 (Ethernet) RX packets 0 bytes 0 ...(everything 0)

Ps: I'm posting from my phone, since I can't use laptop for internet