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Installing Xpra without root priviledges

I have a Fedora 22 terminal that connects to an older Fedora 18 sever. I don't have root priviledges in the server.

I want to install xpra in the server in my home directory. I followed the instructions in but at the end it doesn't work. When I try to start the sever I get this error.

$  ./xpra start :100
('xpra.rencode is missing: %s', AttributeError("'module' object has no attribute 'rencode'",))
    xpra attach [DISPLAY]
    xpra detach [DISPLAY]
    xpra screenshot filename [DISPLAY]
    xpra info [DISPLAY]
    xpra control DISPLAY command [arg1] [arg2]..
    xpra version [DISPLAY]
    xpra shadow [DISPLAY]
(This xpra installation does not support starting local servers.)

xpra: error: invalid mode 'start'

Does anybody know of a good tutorial on how to install and use xpra with Fedora, the documentation is very confusing.