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Quick access to konsole in Fedora 23, KDE

I am a very heavy konsole user in KDE. I've always enjoyed konsole's priority location at the very top of the right-click menu. It's ingrained in my muscle memory to quickly right-click-then-left-click to pop open a new konsole window, which I use more than any other functionality in Fedora.

I just installed Fedora 23 with KDE and was a bit disappointed that konsole has been demoted to the 6th item down on the right-click menu. Apparently functions like rearranging icons and refreshing the desktop view are now considered more useful than konsole. Using that method, I will be subject to frequent miss-clicks because of the imprecise nature of having to aim a mouse over an item part way down a list.

Is there a way to promote konsole back up to the top of the right-click menu? Barring that, is there another method to invoke konsole that is as convenient as the top item on the menu? I'm willing to learn a new method if necessary. I'm just looking for the quickest, least amount of clicks or keystrokes method, and least prone to miss-clicks and fat-fingering.