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linux newbe wants to study the pkgs for inst based on minimal KDE

What is the best description of the packages that can be installed from a net install based of the dvd. I want to make a pure Fedora 17 KDE with calligra like it so much on windows figured I'd switch to KDE.

I want to get a good understanding of all the packages and the naming system. Google only brings up Arch and Suse. Both are pretty good, but I thought a fedora one would be better.

If you have a better place for me to search for answers on fedora, that would be appreciated as well. These Q&A's are good for documenting what the people need as far as guidance, but it means I have to wait for an answer that I know exists somewhere and if it wasn't for the babble of MS, Google, and Amazon; I'd be able to find it.

Thanks so much for being there.