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Headphones (Plugged In) no longer working (F21)

Out of the blue my headphones have stopped working. Music plays fine out of the speakers, but when I plug my headphones in it is silent even though pavucontrol shows that sound is being output.

I know this is not an underlying hardware issue because sound fine out of both outputs in Windows and when I boot from an F21 live usb.

Here is my (working) output from when running the live usb

And here is the output for the failing setup (speakers work, headphones dont)

The two main differences that I've found are that:

  1. snoop is set to Y on the functioning setup under "Soundcards recognised by ALSA" whereas it's set to -1 on the failed section
  2. The dmesg output shows hdaudioC1D0 is under sound in the functioning output and snd_hda_codec_realtek on the failing one.

Another incidental difference is that when running the LiveUSB three devices show up in the GNOME "sound" settings - "Headphones", "Speakers" and "Analog Audio Device" whereas in the failing version just "Headphones" and "Speakers"

An ideal fix would just be for me to be able to copy some config files from the live usb to my HDD, but asound.conf is empty and I haven't been able to find any others.

Any help greatly appreciated.