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Few questions about kernel updates and nvidia drivers

So when i installed Fedora 22 it was on kernel-4.0.6-300.fc22.x86_64. I installed Nvidia drivers following (GeForce 8/9/200/300/405 + x86_64 (64bit) users) and it was super easy to do it. After reboot everything worked. Next two kernel updates when kernel-4.0.7-300 and kernel-4.0.8-300 showed up the Gnome broke (Oh no Something has gone wrong). One time i asked asked developer of Fedy if he particularly emphasized that the Fedy does not support Nvidia driver installation because it is so messy and he said yes.

My questions are how all of this in Fedora works? Why kernel-4.0.6-300 works with Nvidia drivers but newer one does not? Is there some kind of pattern to follow with Fedora updates or web page where someone posts what work with what and what not? Is there some rule that counts one kernel as stable and others as cutting edge, which kernel in Fedora is that and how do i avoid DNF and Gnome Software Center from updating to new kernels? What is the best practice?