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Physical CD eject button unmount on Fedora 21

I am very used to using the physical eject button on the CD/DVD/Bluray drive to eject a disk. However, in Fedora 21 this does not unmount the disk but still ejects the medium. This leads to all sorts of problems (for example, if another disk is inserted then it won't be read right, and in some cases requires a system reboot before the drive will read right again - no amount of unmounting, ejecting, and remounting helps).

I know that I can work around this by making sure I always eject the disk from within the system (e.g. eject /dev/sr0 or the little eject button in the GUI), but the fact that I am so used to using the physical button and can really screw things up with the physical button is bad.

Is there any way to get the disk to unmount before ejecting when the physical button is pressed. This should be possible as it has worked great in Windows for decades...

I am running Fedora 21 with kernel v4.0.6 on x86_64. The drive is a HL-DT-ST BD-RE WH10LS30 according to Hardware Lister (lshw). I am using the Cinnamon Desktop.

I have done searching and found little answers, mostly people hoping it would one day work. Here are some results:

  • - bug report for this for F14, but closed because it is too old
  • - they were hoping this would work in Fedora 6
  • - seems to be fixed in Ubuntu as of 2011