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WIFI not showing after update

I'm using lenovo G510 Laptop with Fedora 22 I have update the fedora recently now my WiFi is not showing. Please kind enough to help me.

lspci -nn | grep Network :- 02:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM43142 802.11b/g/n [14e4:4365] (rev 01)

rpm -qa | grep broadcom :- broadcom-wl-

package rpmfusion-free-release-22-1.noarch (which is newer than rpmfusion-free-release-20-1.noarch) is already installed package rpmfusion-nonfree-release-22-1.noarch (which is newer than rpmfusion-nonfree-release-20-1.noarch) is already installed

yum install kmod-wl :- Package kmod-wl- is already installed

yum install ndiswrapper :- Package ndiswrapper-1.59-1.fc22.x86_64 is already installed

yum install broadcom-wl :- Package broadcom-wl- is already installed

uname -r :- 4.0.4-303.fc22.x86_64

rpm -q kmod-wl :- kmod-wl-