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Fedora is crap!

Sorry guys, but I've Installed Fedora 20 and so far it appears to be total crap!

I can't add any accounts. It doesn't sign into my Google account and the pop up window is too small to log into Facebook. Guess what? There's no way of expanding it. Dragging it to the top of screen does nothing. There's no explaination of how Owncloud works. So that's useless for a newbie.

Also, the software centre does not load either.

It also doesn't recognise my dvd writer.

Other than that, good job!

It seems from my experience of all Linux systems, that you need to have a PHD in order to understand them.

Hardly any software downloaded from the internet is self installing.

Ok, it's a cheap alternative to Windows, but come on! It's so frustrating if you don't know code.