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does not recognize i have a hard drive

I have a Dell Dimension 4700 with a Seagate 75GB SATA hard drive. It had Windows XP Pro Service pack 3 on it that was running fine. I wanted to try to use this machine as a server and downloaded the ISO of Fedor19 and burned it to a DVD.

The DVD booted and the installation began. However, when I got to the point where I needed to let it know where to install the software, it told me I didn't have a hard drive and that I should shut off the computer--install a hard driver and try again.

I thought maybe the NTFS file system was messing with it so I used FDISK and created a FAT32 partition and attempted to install again with the same result.

I downloaded Fedora21--burned it to a DVD and attempted to install it also with the same failed result--not being able to recognize there was a hard drive.

There isn't anything wrong with the hard drive. The BIOS recognizes it and before I used FDISK, Windows XP was running fine.

I have scoured the WWW looking for an answer to this problem and cannot find one. Some have mentioned problems after using RAID but I have never have--as far as I know--utilized RAID with this (or any other) computer.

Does anyone know why Fedora19 & 20 have trouble recognizing I have a hard drive? Thanks for your assistance. Jeff