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Nvidia Drivers

Hello Fedora! After getting tired of Ubuntu, I decided to get a new Linux distribution to use as my primary OS. I ended up going with Fedora (rather than an Ubuntu/Debain based distribution so that I could broaden my knowledge of Linux and to try something that wasn't just a re-skin).

I have a Nvidia GTX 770 (MSI) in my computer and I am struggling to figure out how to install drivers. I have the driver file from Nvidia (.run) but I do not know how to stop the X server in Fedora in order to install it (It was "sudo service lightdm stop" in Ubuntu, but there is no such service in Fedora). Additionally, when Googling, I came across some information saying that the default Nvidia installer would mess up the X configuration due to some problems with Nouveau (the open source Nvidia drivers).

How should I install the drivers for my graphics card?