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Display Fedora20 log in selection screen to an external display

I have an Acer C710 flashed with Coreboot running Fedora20, it's used only for entertainment purposes and hooked up to a TV. My built in display on this machine has a dead back light and without holding a flashlight to the screen there is no way to see what is being displayed. My only concern is the log in screen for Fedora20, as there are multiple users that need to enter a password to use the machine. With it being Christmas season and a laptop that is only used with a TV a new screen isn't quite top priority atm.

So, is there a way to make the Fedora20 log in screen display on the external monitor/TV? I've disabled the monitor in the Fedora20 settings and even tried disconnecting it from the machine(I figured if it wasn't there it couldn't try to display there but I was wrong)like I had done when running chromeOS to make sure nothing displayed on the built in display.

Ideally, I'd like everything, from boot on, to display only on an external display. Setting up coreboot and installing all the versions of linux I had tried was a pain in the butt. Before finding Fedora20 as the only version of Linux that all my hardware works on my Acer C710 I spent many hours holding a flashlight to my display with a dead back light to read the white text on black background.