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How can I install drivers for nvidia 610 GT PCI-e card?

The story so far:

I've got my new (nforce 610 GT nvidia) graphics card driving my new monitor (27" Benq) through HDMI. Resolution isn't what it should be so I started trying to install nvidia drivers.

I've tried using the installer downloaded from nvidia website, which successfully disables the nouveau driver but fails to install the nvidia driver, complaining about a missing version.h file and an error message much like this one about kernel source files not being configured:

I have installed the kernel-devel [ackage.

I have also tried using the instructions here: to install the akmod-nvidia package from rpmfusion. This fails to boot (stopping around gnome start up) with a message in the logs about the nvidia module not being found. I can use a terminal to remove the nvidia packages and boot into a (low resolution) Gnome session.

There seems to be a lot of similar questions to this one around, but as yet none of the suggested solutions have worked for me.

Though most recently I saw a comment saying not to use the nvidia provided installer as it can damage the system... I'm hoping that's not the case, I could do without a reinstall right now!