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Redirected port 80 from Qemu image denies access to wordpress and phpMyAdmin.

On fedora20 I've installed Qemu and did an installation of fedora20 Gnome desktop directly from the iso onto a qcow2 image.

In addition I've installed these packages via yum on the Qemu image:

  • php
  • mariadb-server
  • httpd
  • phpMyAdmin
  • wordpress

The installation when smoothly, and both phpMyAdmin, and wordpress are avialable to the firefox browser inside the Qemu image. I've also successfully redirected ssh and http. The problem is that Wordpress and phpMyAdmin don't appear when I use localhost:5575/wordpress, or localhost:5575/phpMyAdmin in the host Browser, access denied appears.

It appears to me that this might be "as designed" and I just don't know how to gain access to the content. Other pages work, and php get interpreted correctly.