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How can I know WHY dnf pulls in packages, or sees a conflict?

Sometimes when I do an install of a package, dnf pulls in a lot of other, seemingly unrelated packages. Sometimes when I try some non-standard package combination, dnf replies it can't do it because

package X requires Y but none of the providers can be installed

where neither X nor Y appears to be related to the package I try to install.

Is there a way to ask dnf to explain why it's doing what it's doing? With yum you could get an explanation with a lot of lines like

Processing Dependency: A for package: B Package C will be updated

Where C typically provides A. And so on. By studying these messages, I were able to figure out the unexpected dependencies and decide what to do.

But dnf doesn't seem to have anything similar. I've looked at the output form --debugsolver, but it doesn't seem to help. Is there a way to figure this out with dnf?