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Online Accounts - Gmail Password Unexpectedly Fails

Ever since the most recent update (or perhaps the one before that), I've had trouble with my Fedora 20 "Online Accounts" feature, specifically as applied to my Gmail account.

So, here's the problem I'm having:

All of a sudden, I'm now periodically prompted by Fedora to enter my Gmail account password. When I do so, it tells me my password was typed incorrectly. Now, I'm 100% positive I'm typing it right. No problem, I'll just erase my Gmail account in the "Online Accounts" section of Settings, and start from scratch; surely that will fix my problem.

I erase my Gmail account, and begin to re-add the same account. The gmail log-in screen pops up, I type in my email and password, and it transfers me to the confirmation page—the one that asks you about whether you're ok with Fedora having access to all these different bits of info—at which point I confirm and yay, my account it setup and this time it's going to work for sure because I just logged into my gmail account using the "Online Accounts" feature so it just must work now, right? Nope.

Five seconds later the same password prompt pops up asking me to supply my Gmail password, after which it invariably tells me I've typed it wrong.

* Confused and frustrated *

Any help would be much appreciated!

N.B.: I'm not sure if this is important, but my password does include special characters, i.e. those that are found above the number keys.