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Default Applications XFCE

Here to all XFCE pros. Whenever I want open an image, the default application (who knows how was it set as default) to open images is the Wine Internet Explorer.

Doing some research in the internet I find several suggestions like the xfce4-settings-editor but I cannot find a way to specify to it which app should it open images with. The command exo-open seems to only work with 4 categories (WebBrowser, MailReader, TerminalEmulator or FileManager) so doing something like

$ exo-open --launch ristretto image.jpg

would be completely useless and lame.

I know there are some other ways to fix it, like uninstalling the Wine Internet Explorer or Wine, or just right-click the image and select the program I want to open it with. But I'd really want to know how to fix it without uninstalling wine and without right-clicking the image everytime I want to open it.

Thanks beforehand.