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Fedora not installing properly

I tried to install Fedora 19 on my laptop which had windows 8 preinstalled.At first,I turned on legacy boot and installed fedora.After installing it,whenever I turned on my laptop,Grub used to show up.But whenever I selected windows 8 or windows 8 recovery,it showed an error something like could not load etc etc..Then I formatted my hard disk and reinstalled windows 8.Then again I tried to install fedora 19 but this time I turned the legacy boot off(which was default).Now whenever I insert my fedora DVD and restart,I do not get any option to install/try fedora.I tried to pause the startup(esc) and then boot manager(F9)but it shows just two options-UEFI bootloader and OS boot manager. I even tried to put internal CD/DVD ROM on high priority than harddisk,but nothing happened.I even turned secure boot off.