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cryptsetup ununderstood

Hi all,

I made a partition as /dev/sda3 with fdisk -cu.

Later i did partx -av and rebooted.

I did a cryptsetup luksFormat /dev/sda3 further luksOpen myfile.

Till this moment everything was fine.

Then i did a luksClose and deleted sda3 with fdisk -cu following partx -av reboot

the /dev/sda3 was gone.

I tried to again make /dev/sda3 with the above procedure

but here i did not do a cryptsetup. This time the graphical disk utility showed /dev/sda3 as encrypted allready. i am confused. to make sure myself escaping luksFormat i did luksOpen and damm it asked me the password of the /dev/sda3 which i had made it previously!!!!

In short if i have deleted the /dev/sda3 how could it ask me the password of the previous one.

Are there any other entries i have to remove?? Hope so i have explained it in good manner.