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Gnome Bad performance

Hi everyone,

I am new to fedora and to some extent to the linux community, and for professional reasons i have to get my self around red hat and fedora, and with that said i am using fedora workstation 29.

I really enjoy using fedora , its actually a very nice distro, and very well polished one, specially with Gnome 3.

I have my laptop that is a thinkpad and the specs are : Intel Core i5 dual core 2.4 Ghz 8gb of DDR3 ram Intel intergrated graphic driver 620 (if not mistaken) SSD kingstom M2 120 gb

Now my questions is , why is it laggy? specially the menu? i can run every other linux distro and it works fine, but the one that i have enjoyed the most has been fedora, but for some reason it takes me like 3 min to boot up and is a bit laggy when go to activities and look for an application, all very laggy, and i am no sure why?

I know it cant be my computer that is shit, because its not that shit specially with the specs i have i should be able to run fine, is there any bug i am suppose to know ?

I have installed the intel graphic driver, and i have tried other flavors, that to be honest i am not a big a fan of.

Any help ?

Thank you guys in advanced.