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can't login to xfce session after log-out

I'm hopping around different versions of desktops (GNOME, XFCE4, Cinnamon).

Each on it's own works fine, but when I log-out of XFCE4, log-in to Cinnamon, and back to XFCE4, it only redirects me back to the log-in screen.

This becomes solved when I restart my system, although just re-directing me to the log-in screen after log-out does not seem to be a correct behaviour (and inconvenient to some degree..).

I think it might be related to "save session for future logins" (I also have dconf -> GNOME save sessions on), but I'm not sure. By the way, even after restarting the system sessions does seem to be restored for XFCE (although not for other systems), is that supposed to work that way?