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Dual monitor problem

I'm running Fedora 29, kernel 5.04. I usually use KDE/Plasma desktop I have 2 monitors - a Samsung (HDMI) and an Acer (DVI). The Acer is set up as the primary display.

Everything was working until a few days ago. A cable was bumped and the secondary display went black. Cables were all checked & re-fitted. The secondary display was still black.

On re-boot, POST messages displayed on the Samsung monitor as usual. The login prompt displayed on the Samsung. The KDE splash screen appeared on both monitors for a little while before going black. The desktop came up - no second display.

When I go into system settings/monitors - the system knows the second monitor is there but won't talk to it.

If I switch to GNOME desktop both monitors display properly.

Any ideas on what has gone wrong?