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Presumed NVIDIA driver issue was actually a dbus-daemon problem

Hi, This is more of an FYI than a question. I upgraded to F29 a month or two ago. I had to do the usual fun and games to get the nvidia driver to work and all was well. On 12th March i did a dnf update and A LOT of packages were updated, along with a kernel update to 4.20.14-200. When I restarted the system hung and I couldn't log in - this is usually the hallmark of nvidia driver issues.

Long story short, I spent a couple of days trying to get the nvidia driver to work, but the problem lay elsewhere. There were some clues that the system was behaving abnormally - I had to issue an ifup command to get an internet connection for example. The problem was eventually solved while looking through a journalctl and saw some text in red stating there were some issues with the dbus socket (whatever that is!). I found my way to this redhat page:

I installed dbus-broker, but then read that I should be issuing: sudo systemctl enable dbus-daemon

I rebooted and am now back in business! Alas I didn't really record all the steps that I had taken over the past couple of days - I think my latest effort at installing the nvidia driver was via the negativo17 repo.

I appreciate the above isn't very technical, but I thought it worth writing this in case anyone else has been pulling their hair out trying to fix a similar issue.