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Network, DNS and VPN problems on Fedora 29

Since I installed Fedora 29 I've got some problems with my 300 Mbps Internet and VPN connections. My network type is LAN/Ethernet. There is no specific routing or firewall rules. It's a basic cable modem connection. First the Internet DNS names were resolved very slow, it took couple of second to resolve domain name to IP address when using PING in Terminal. Every secure (SSL/TLS) connection to websites, TeamViewer or my email server took couple of seconds. After updates in February 2019 it got a lot better, now DNS names are resolved faster, but it still isn't as fast as it should be. Opening websites also got faster. But the main problem is VPN. I'm using Fedora's builtin Cisco VPN client, the connection is established very fast but I cannot open any webpage over HTTPS in Firefox; the connections in Firefox are getting timeout. There is only one specific page that I can open via HTTP. I've Windows 7 installed on the same PC and the Internet is working super fast, no delays in DNS resolving. VPN using Cisco AnyConnect on Windows also works perfectly - I can open every webpage over HTTPS. Is anybody experiencing the same problems? How to fix it? My Fedora is always fully updated.