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Why can't I open system-config-* gui for anything?

I'm the root user of my own desktop Linux (Fedora 29, GNOME 3.x). I used the command su -, followed by the password to access root accesses. I'm attempting to access the graphical tools that are supposed to come with Fedora and RHEL systems via the command line. I have entered system-config-* for the following instances of *: bind, httpd, nfs, rootpassword, samba, service, gtx, date, firewall, language, printer, and users. I also attempted to access the SELinux management using policycoreutils-gui.

In every case, I get a command not found error. For 3 or 4 of the commands, there is an attempt by the system to download the services associated with that command, but the GUI fails. The closest I get to success in accessing these system-config tools is for system-config-language. It says the GUI has failed to load, but at least provides a text-based solution. At the command line, I am only typing system-config-* or policycoreutils-gui and nothing else. How can I access these GUI utilities?