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Update VirtualBox 5.2 to 6.0 on Fedora 29

I recently installed VirtualBox 5.2 using command sudo dnf install VirtualBox in the terminal because when the last time I installed using rpm file it didn't work and had to reinstall Fedora again. Now when I ran I came to know old version is installed from RPMFusion repository. How to update v5.2 to v6.0? RPMFusion contains v6.0 but don't know why old version got installed. I tried sudo dnf update but it didn't found any updates. When I use sudo dnf update VirtualBox-6.0 it finds it (137 MB Downlaod)but then says conflict with VirtualBox 5.2 and doesn't proceed. I tried using this- sudo dnf install Downloads/VirtualBox-6.0.rpm, this also failed. Then I tried sudo rpm -ivh Downloads/VirtualBox-6.0.rpm but it also failed. Any ideas how to update v5.2 to v6.0?