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Problems with GDM/no picture on primary display

I installed Fedora 29 on a notebook with dual graphics (Intel UHD 630/Nvidia Quadro P100) in dedicated mode (so only the Quadro P100 is used), because it wa not possible to install Fedora with dual graphics. After an update this works fine with a few exception e.g. Android emulator crashes.

When I switch back to dual graphics that works until GDM. I can login, but the screen of my notebook stays black. I can work on a dual screen configuration, so an external monitor works. It seems to me this is a GDM problem.

Does anybody know how to turn the primary screen on or any other ideas how to fix this? As a second screen works and nvidia graphics also work this doesn't seem to be a driver problem so it seems to me this can be fixed rather easily.

Thanks in advance for any help.