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dnf update --nodeps


Is there a way to dnf update --nodeps?.

Sometimes the libraries are already installed but packages are name differently depending on the distro,

For example while installing teamviewer:

Teamviewer requires library qt5-qtdeclarative, but on mageia it is called qtdeclarative5.

So to install teamviewer on mageia I just type: urpmi --force --allow-nodeps teamviewer but I have to download it and then install it manually.

teamviewer creates a dnf repository and not a urpmi compatible one. so, while using: dnf update I cannot update teamviewer because it complains about that "missing" package.

If teamviewer would have an urpmi compatible repository I would not have any problems while updating.

It would be nice to have an option to "dnf update --allow-nodeps".