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Gnome removed after doing dnf update --allowerasing

After doing a normal dnf update, Fedora stated it may be advisable to do a dnf update --best --allowerasing. I'm not exactly sure why, but i did just that :(

After doing this, Fedora 29 started as normal, but when Gnome was usually loading, i just got a black terminal screen, stating: $ login my-pc:

After some searching, i saw that and were missing, so i looked at my dnf history list. This showed that it removed a lot of packages. Most of them Gnome, Xorg-x11 or Qt related.

Trying to do a dnf history rollback xxx or dnf history undo xxx just results in a message that pakages are missing, so that doesn't work. Now i don't seem to get Gnome back. How can i (re)install Gnome, or is there something else wrong maybe?

P.s. i looked shortly to dnf group list and saw GNOME Desktop Environment at the Available Groups, but don't know if i should do this, and if thats safe.