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How to run GNOME desktop on Fedora 29 Server 64-bit after making custom partitions?

I am installing Fedora 29 Server 64-bit (without Graphica User Interface) on a virtual machine like VMware. But this time I made some custom disk partitioning setup. For example: I had a 20GB disk space (/boot 400MB, / 10GB, SWAP 2GB, /home 5GB, /tmp 1024MB, Free Space ~1.5GB). I also set up root password and created a user. And Fedora finished installing without the (GUI). Then I logged as root and run the command at the terminal: yum groupinstall gnome (I also tried sudo yum groupinstall gnome). I took some time and GNOME installation completed and then I reboot the system using the command: reboot. It looks like it is running the GNOME GUI but it still redirects to the localhost login black screen without the GUI.

Note: When I created Fedora Server virtual machine using automatic partitioning suggested by VMware. After I installed GNOME using yum groupinstall gnome. I able to run the GNOME GUI after I rebooted the system. But now I need to do manual Fedora Server partitions and when I do manual disk partitioning I can install it but I cannot run it. Is there anything wrong with my custom partition? Do I need to follow any extra step or commands to set gnome running at startup before I reboot the system?