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Problems multi Monitor with AVR

I am running Fedora 29 with wayland and I have a Vega 64. I have connected my main monitor via DP. I connected a HDMI port to my AVR which is connected to a TV. My usecase is the following. The monitor is my work place and default the audio output is the mainboard soundcard. When I want to play some music I want to switch the audio output to HDMI and use the AVR. In rare cases I want also to view the display via the TV. Good thing is in principle all of this works. Bad thing is, whenever I switch on or of AVR and/or TV. The Display on the monitor goes black for some seconds or even stays black completely. Solution is to switch on/off the AVR or TV again.

The preferable behavior would be that I can set the display output to mirrored on both displays and the monitor is unaffected from anything I do with the other devices. Than I only have to switch audio output when needed.