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Upgrade to 29 fails: reboot and select proper boot device

Past years upgrades worked perfectly on my system. Fedora is installed on my Intel M.2 SSD and got upgraded every time starting from 25. There where never any upgrade problems.

But when ik tried to upgrade from 28 to 29 today my system fails. On reboot i got the message "reboot and select proper boot device".

Looking in my BIOS showed 2 boot devices. On called "(IntelSSDM2xxxxx)" and one called "Fedora (IntelSSDM2xxxxx)". Strange, since it's the same SSD! If i choose the first, the system just boots BIOS again. If i choose the last, it just gives the same error.

Choosing UEFI or Legacy also doesn't help. What can i do? is there a recovery or something? (Sry, bit of a OS n00b)