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libvirt RX packet loss on internal network

I am having a problem where networking on an internal network created by libvirt has RX packet loss. I found this bug on Bugzilla with similar symptoms. It happens for about 30 seconds every five minutes or so, where every packet is dropped. I can ping and get a response from the other host, but if I run ping on the other host I can't get a response from the formerly mentioned one. It does not happen on libvirt guests on my home network on br0, which works fine, just virbr1 for the internal network.

I've been having this bug since yesterday when I updated to 29. Its a tricky one, there are no messages on the host or the guests in logs. There was some STP stuff "topology changed, propagating" but nothing changed when I disabled STP. I'm really stuck on this, and suspect the kernel reading about similar bugs.