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Run sudo dnf -y update without password

I'm sure this has been answered but I can not find the response anywhere.

I am trying to edit my sudoers file so that anyone can run sudo dnf -y update without entering the sudo password. I have found examples for many other commands but none for this. The goal is to run this at startup so my system always checks for updates (I hate using dragora).

I put this line in sudoers (edited with text editor as root):

ALL localhost = NOPASSWD: 'sudo dnf -y update' (also tried just sudo dnf -y update without the ')

when I try to run the command i get a parse in sudoers at line 99 (where I put this line) error message and it asks for the password. Can I do what I am trying to do? What would the correct syntax be? Can I just automatically have the system run this command in terminal at startup?

I have been running Fedora for about a year now and this is the first issue I have had no luck solving.

Thanks for any help!