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Can we ask Red-Hat to make Fedora's default DE be KDE?

KDE is really polished at this time. It does not use as many resources and it seems like KDE is better at keeping down the number of 'extensions' and extra apps that Gnome requires to be fully useful.

I know we can install any DE after the fact, but when Gnome is the default, it will obviously get more sponsorship. I think KDE is further ahead and may be more worth to continue the investment there vs re-inventing the wheel with Gnome. GTK apps look great in KDE by default. However, QT apps do not look great on Gnome by default.

Overall, KDE looks very polished but is missing a few things.. like their online accounts, does not currenlty work with gmail. Gnome/Evolution have solved that. Maybe this can reimplemented in the KDE frameworks. Fractional scaling, works so well in KDE. In Gnome, it does not.

My HiDpi laptop currently does not run Gnome well. The resolution either looks well for Firefox or it looks well for everything else. I've installed the gsettings parameter for the fractional scaling, but the problem persist. I set the devPixelxxxxxxxx sizing in about:config in Firefox. Still looks wierd.

Gnome memory leak... still there.

I am just wondering why we chose Gnome vs KDE.. and if it is worth moving to KDE as the default DE? Especially now that everyone else jumped on Gnome as their default DE. Having 1 DE as default is great for Linux overall, so that users can have consistent feel. But Gnome is too 'minimalist'. For power users, it feels like a tablet, not a powerful PC.

Also, installing KDE using dnf install @KDE-desktop, the super key is not set by default to open the application drawer, and the super+L does not log you off or lock the screen as expected. Thankfully KDE has great GUIs that make it easy to set that up.