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Wifi device Realtek RTL8723DE is not detected by Fedora 28

Hi all!

I have just installed Fedora 28 in a new HP laptop that came with Windows. The wifi connection works fine in Windows through the adapter Realtek RT8723DE. But Fedora does not even give me the option to use the wifi device (although the ethernet connection works fine). It seems that Fedora 28 cannot detect the wifi adapter: I have checked it through various commands: "lspci" prints nothing about wireless, "iw dev" prints nothing at all, and "rfkill list" only prints something about bluetooth.

I have spent some hours searching for the same problem in internet forums. It seems that the controllers for the Realtek RT8723DE device were problematic in Linux kernels earlier than 4.17 . But now I have upgraded to kernel 4.17.18 and nothing has changed, the wireless device is still undetectable... can anybody help me?