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Workstation kernel tunnins

Hi, i am returning back to fedora after several yers with ubuntu, i am tired of ubuntu and spins, i have been working with several rolling release distro like arch and manajro, i really liked manjaro experience, great responsiviness for residencial users, ultimately i have been toying with suse tumbleweed too, good experienced too, so far so good, digging around this distros i discovered that in manjaro they use a custom kernel with bfq default io scheduler and in the others there use a somewhat tunned kernel for better responsiviness and performance in general from desktop user point of view. When i asked for advice lot of people recommended fedora and considerering its last name (workstation) i suppose fedora compiles a kernel for his workstation version and other for its server versions, so i came here just to confirm if the workstatioon version has custom kernel tailored to desktop usage like bfq scheduler o cpu scheduler or it uses the same for workstatin and server versions like opensuse tumbleweed, it does not matter too much if the overall performance and responsiviness is good but is good to know, i have tried extreme customized kernels like linux-ck orr liquiorix that i considere too invasive, some change here and there will be enough specially because i can change myself the io scheduler to bfq (i have already tried this it in virtualbox installs) and the current kernels 4.xx are somehow already optimized with sensible defaults (i just checked today and after the last update fedora is using 4.17). Sorry for the long post, if this is not the right place to ask this type of question please move it to the suitable sub-forums. Regards