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Is it even safe to use dnf upgrade in a graphical shell?

Some upgrades require you to restart the system, because it isn't safe to install them when the system shell is running. When you do the upgrades through Gnome Software, the reboot sequence is taken care of for you. But DNF just installs everything immediately and doesn't ask for a reboot. I'm new to Fedora and I've been investigating the update process. Seems like people have had plenty of problems with DNF in the past:

Ideally, I would like to switch to DNF. Gnome Software's packagekit back-end crashes when updating repos (clicking on the refresh button), installations can get stuck permanently, doesn't clean up after itself, doesn't integrate with DNF at all (making dnf rollback impossible), and can't add repositories, and can't install anything except GUI apps. And it doesn't notify you about updates unless you actually open the store app.

All in all, you are practically forced to use dnf, and yet the updates are handled exclusively by gnome software, so you are forced to use both.

So I'd like to use DNF. But I don't want to boot into single-user mode for every update. I would also like to be told whether on not I need to reboot after an update, and I'd like to have a simple gui to review and apply dnf updates.

Isn't there a sane way to handle this?