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Fedora thinks MacBook Pro has dual monitors, gdm only displays secondary screen

On my 2012 MacBook pro, running fedora 25+ (currently on 27), when running the live image and on install, Xorg sees the laptop as having dual displays, I assume because of the hybrid graphics hardware. As a result, gdm and gnome by default display what would be on the secondary monitor, so the login options for gdm, and the top bar in gnome-shell are off-screen (to the left). I can login blind (hit enter, then type password to log in), then when gnome-shell loads I was able to run the display settings and select Single Display to "merge" the displays.

At the moment, I only have a single user account on the macbook, so I can deal with the blind login. But is there a way to force gdm to use the proper display? I've read that disabling the nvidia chipset/removing the nouveau driver will prevent dual display using an external monitor, but I need to do this on occasion. Does anyone know if installing the nvidia drivers would solve this issue?