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Gnome does not work on new installation of Fedora 28

I just tried to run a fresh install of Fedora 28 on a MacBook Air (Late 2010). It will be the very first time this laptop will see Linux on it, fully wiping all data that was on there.

When using the regular/full Workstation install image (created by the Fedora Media Writer), the installer will not boot properly and hangs. Running the installation via the Netinstall image works fine, however, after installation of the regular Workstation packages it will not boot (into Gnome).

As said, the installation from a Netinstall image ran fine, as well as the XFCE spin. Finally, I ran the install for the XFCE spin, and XFCE is now running properly on the system. But I would like to use Gnome instead. What are my options? Any help or suggestions are appreciated.