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After Recent Fedora 27 update- Xfce seems to be all over the place?

After a recent Fedora 27 update, I could not login except via tty. I tried reinstalling Xfce which is the Fedora spin I have used for years, but I could not get it to do anything at all.

In the end I did a complete re-installation of Fedora 27 Xfce spin 64 bit version. Whilst I can now login via the Gui, I still cannot get Xfce to play ball completely. Using screenshot goes straight to the save to section, so cannot control what is captured.

Also, when I minimise any window, drive, command line dialogue it just disappears?

Has anyone else had similar experience, and if so.. Is there a cure?

I am not a newbie, having been using linux for years, but not a complete expert either.. :)