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NetworkManager - VPN connection drops

When I connect an Ethernet cable to my brand new XPS 13 via the Dell DA200 adapter the internet seems to work flawlessly.

However, with connection to a VPN via the Juniper tunnel (for work) the connection seems to drop at random times. When opening the tunnel the logs show:

mrt 30 21:49:02 fox NetworkManager[1158]: <info>  [1522439342.8534] device (vpn0): Activation: successful, device activated.

mrt 30 21:49:02 fox NetworkManager[1158]: <info>  [1522439342.8611] policy: set 'vpn0' (vpn0) as default for IPv4 routing and DNS

Thus, connection set

On WiFi

Not even a minute after the VPN has been estabilished the log shows a timeout:

mrt 30 21:49:33 fox NetworkManager[1158]: <info>  [1522439373.0201] connectivity: (vpn0) timed out

This, I could explain, as I have multiple Access Points and it's no secret VPN behaves funky. When I only use 1 AP, or I'm close enough for the signal to hold to one specific AP, all works flawlessly on WiFi

However sometimes the below occurs:

apr 05 03:08:39 fox dhclient[7051]: receive_packet failed on enp57s0u1u4: Network is down

After which the VPN connection is dropped and my WiFi returns a normal connection without the VPN.

On Ethernet

This is where it gets interesting. As said before when connection the XPS via de Dell DA200 adapter or even a simple USB-to-Ethernet adapter all works fine. But, when I setup my VPN tunnel now the logs show the exact same 'problem'.