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Random error messages "failure to add solv"

For some unknown reason (started a few days ago), my Fedora 26 with KDE just started crashing processes in a very annoying way.

For instance, in a terminal, if I type a non-existing command, I get:

 bash: bla: command not found...
Failed to search for file: failed to add solv

The second line should not appear. Googling for it gives almost 0 results (and the only result is useless to me, about pkcon).

Dolphin is unusable: opening it on my home folder (or any folder) results in a red error message bar:

The process for the file protocol died unexpectedly

And I cannot see any files. At least for this error, there are thousands of pages, most leading to nothing, others saying to remove .kde and literally nuke KDE-related files.

If there is a more efficient way of finding out what's broken, and how to fix it, I'd like to know.