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Fedora 27: keyboard doesn't work

Hello there!

First of all, I'm somewhat new to the linux world; some weeks ago, I've decided to give Fedora a try. I've tried Ubuntu before, had some experience with SuSE and Centos, but very casual. So, I've downloaded the Fedora 27 live version via the Media Writer, which copied it on a usb flash drive, booted from that drive and clicked "install on hard drive". So far, so good. But from there it seems, that my keyboard just isn't working. I can click, Mouse is fine, but the keyboard doesn't response. It's "scroll" LED is on, but num and caps is off.

My Keyboard is an old G110, and so far, I haven't any other. Is there a thing I can do to make it work? Or do I (finally) need a new Keyboard?